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Shades of Blue Set


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From the very lightest of blue to a beautiful true natural aquamarine blue – these are the wonderful blue shade variations that this set offers.  It is an elegant design that demands attention.  The larger aquamarine elements in the necklace offer a delightful contract: the large nuggets and the oval
faceted stones – both showing a different element of the same gemstone and both displaying their own beauty.  Imagine the necklace either on a deep color garment or on a lightly bonze tanned neckline – just stunning!

The healing energy in the elements of this set is:
Aquamarine:  The “Stone of Courage”.  It is also the “Sailors’ Gem” ensuring safe passage across stormy waters.  It is said to awaken the love of married couples.   It releases anxiety, fear and restlessness. Aquamarine facilitates calming and cooling from anger to hot flashes. They are stones of the Water element, bringing one in touch with the subconscious, the domains of Spirit and our deepest emotions.   It brings one to a relaxed, alert stage of consciousness in which one is fully aware
of one’s own store of knowledge, wisdom and feelings, and able to articulate them all with clarity and conviction.   (The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons)

Chalcedony: Symbolizes calmness and composure; offers confidence.   The pales stones are the chalcedony.

Silver: (Sterling)  Is excellent for mental, emotional and physical releasing/cleansing.  It works on the mind and emotions to see the overview of situations. It helps with emotional balance and patience.  Like the moon’s energy, it has a gentle, cool, smoothing effect, thus reducing stress.  (“The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons)

In stock