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Luda Enterprises LLC has been a dream of ours for the past twenty years – when mother and daughter worked together in preparing for a most unusual wedding – a masked ball.  We created unique ‘welcome baskets’, we made and embellished exquisite masks for the guests, made chocolate baskets filled with chocolate coated strawberries, and many other items for the wedding.  We loved working together – it was so much fun!!!

We have continued our ‘working’ partnership for many special occasions and each time we discussed the possibility of developing a full-time business.  Eventually, we recognized when the time was right and we are thrilled to offer you some of our unusual and special items.

Luda Enterprises LLC encompasses three specific items: jewelry, pointe shoes, and exquisite paper flowers.  We hope that you will enjoy owning our products, and may they bring you as much pleasure as we have experienced while making them.

LUanne and GlenDA

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