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Coral Reef Necklace


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A most unusual creation made up of coral tear drops with tiny red coral scattered throughout. The way the tear drops take on their own placement makes this necklace different and eye-catching.

The healing energy in the elements of Coral Reef is:
Coral: facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization and strengthens understanding of mysticism. It alleviates depression, quiets the emotions and brings peace. It strengthens the connection to the harmonious energies of the universe.
Red Coral: stimulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals. It protects from depression and despondency.  Aids in the release of impurities from the muscular system.
Gold (Plate): brings vitality and solar energies into the body.  It encourages optimism, courage, determination and an overall sense of well-being. It dispels fear and negative emotions.