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    A most unique combination of Quartzite, Bone, and a Coconut bead result in this for unusual eye-catching bracelet.

    The healing energy in the semi-precious stones in this bracelet is:

    Quartzite:  Stabilizes positive change and helps prevent one from slipping back into the old state.  It focuses on the area of your life that is experiencing the most change, activity, and growth.


    Be held by “Loving Hands”.  The hamsa hand (Arabic) or hamesh hand (Hebrew) is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God.  It is said to provide magical protection from the envious or evil eye. It is believed to offer its owner happiness, peace, and prosperity.

    These earrings are silver plate and can be ordered in any Color Swarovski crystals.

    The healing properties in the elements of these earrings are:

    Silver:  (plate)  Is excellent for mental, emotional and physical releasing/cleansing.  It works on the mind and emotions to see the overview of situations. It helps with emotional balance and patience.  Like the moon’s energy, it has a gentle, cool, smoothing effect, thus reducing stress.

    Crystals:    Attracts positive energies.


    **We will repeat colors in these earrings.

  • Earrings made with Shell and Coral

    Enjoy the gifts from the sea – coral and shell.  From the cool depth of the
    water to the luxuriating warm of the beach, wear the gifts of Nature.

    The traditional meaning of the gemstone used in these earrings:

    Coral:  Facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization and strengthens the understanding of mysticism.  Coral alleviates depression, quiets the emotions and brings peace.

    Shell:   Seashells have the natural ability to disperse negative energy.  Shell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making.

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Showing all 3 results