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December - Turquoise & Zircon

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    This exquisite soft sea foam blue-green of the stones in this elegantly quiet necklace, provides a quiet, cooling feel to this special piece of jewelry.  It is perfect for those hot summer days!  This creation is perfect for all occasions both day and night, casual or dressy.

    The healing energy in the elements of “Gentle Ocean” is:

    Chalcedony:  is a general term for many varieties of  Quartz. The blue Chalcedony symbolizes calmness and composure and helps to soothe the emotional body. It’s excellent for those who tend to worry, as it helps one to center in the present. It is considered to be a stone that encourages brotherhood among all while alleviating hostilities, irritability, and melancholy. It is said to enhance generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity.

    Amazonite:     A stone of healing which aligns the physical body and energy field, thus producing a balancing, preventive and rejuvenating energy.  Eliminates aggravation by dispelling irritating and negative energy. It assists with relationships by enhancing communication concerning love.

    Gold: (Plate/Filled)  Brings vitality and solar energies into the body.  It encourages optimism, courage, determination and an overall sense of well-being.  It dispels fear and negative emotions.

  • “Summer Breeze” is absolutely perfect for any occasion! Its design is simple, clean lines and yet very modern.  It offers the casual look with the turquoise nuggets and the classic finish with the round coral beads.  This is a must for every well-dressed woman’s collection.

    The traditional meaning of the gemstones used in this necklace and earrings:

    Turquoise:  Is an “anti-negativity stone” and general healer.  It dispels negative energy and protects while it encourages self-realization and creative problem solving.  Turquoise strengthens the body and energy filed – heals the spirit; and soothes and brings peace of mind.  It is said to attract love.

    Coral: Facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization and strengthens understanding of mysticism.  It alleviates depression, quiets the emotions and brings peace.  Coral strengthens the connection to the harmonious energies of the universe.



Showing all 2 results