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Secrets of the Sea Earrings


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This magnificent shell pendant epitomizes the wonders of Nature – the shell is the most delicate shimmering pink and reddish-brown – just exquisite! This most unusual creation speaks of fragility juxtapose with strength, a gentleness that is grounded, and an amazing empathy with Nature.  This set will enhance any outfit

The healing energies in the elements of this set are:

Pink Opal:    Is a stone of peace and tranquility for the aura. It is especially noted for its energies in healing emotions.

Tiger’s Eye: (Red)    Helps to gain insight, to concentrate, to perceive and think more clearly, and to organize scattered details. Calms turmoil, eliminates the “blues” and encourages optimism and enthusiasm for life. Stimulates wealth and enhances the ability to maintain wealth.

Gold: (Plate)   It brings vitality and solar energies into the body.  It encourages optimism, courage, determination and an overall sense of well-being.  It dispels fear and negative emotions.
(“The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons)

In stock


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Earrings:           $25.50