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Scuba Earrings

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A delightful combination of coral, black onyx with a touch of hematite.  The design of these earrings is simple, but the colors are dramatic!

The traditional meaning of the gemstones used in these earrings:
Coral:  Facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization and strengthens understanding of mysticism.  It alleviates depression, quiets the emotions and brings peace.  Coral strengthens the connection to the harmonious energies of the universe.
Onyx (black):   Dispels grief; enhances self-control and stimulates wise decision making.  It repels negativity of others keeping oneself from harm while helping with rational thinking.  Onyx is said to overcome loneliness and alienation, and adds comfort in unfamiliar surroundings.
Hematite:   Is the “stone of mental mastery”.   It enhances memory, concentration and focus.  Hematite deflects negativity and stimulates the desire for peace and inner happiness, enhancing one’s ability to attract l


In stock


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Earrings:  $35