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Green with Envy Chain Earrings


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A gorgeous and unique design comprised of malachite and sterling silver.  The beautiful malachite beads are offset by the malachite, green amethyst, peridot, and smokey quartz pendant.  This is a spectacular creation which will enhance any outfit.  The buyer has a choice of either long, dangling earrings or shorter more conservative earrings.

The traditional healing energy of the stones in this set:

Malachite:  A “Stone of Transformation”.  It assists in coping with setbacks, challenges and changing situations.  It aids in releasing negative emotional experiences.  Malachite brings loyalty in love, friendships and partnerships.

Amethyst:  A “Stone of Change, Protection and Enlightenment”.   It enhances spiritual awareness, meditation, visualization, serenity and composure.  Amethyst attracts good luck and love. It calms and transforms.

Peridot:  A “Stone of Rebirth and Renewal”.  It promotes peace and happiness and attracts success and good luck.  It protects against negativity and nightmares.

Smokey Quartz:  Promotes personal pride and joy in living.  Its power is in strength. It is good for goal setting and making affirmations. It improves intuition, alleviates stress and transforms fear and anger into positive energies.

Silver: (Sterling) Is excellent for mental, emotional and physical releasing/cleansing.  It works on the mind and emotions to see the overview of situations. It helps with emotional balance and patience. (“The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons)

Out of stock