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Friendly Spirit Earrings


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An unusual combination of brass and amethyst nuggets.  The design was created to allow for a ‘freedom’ of motion for the nuggets – one of the designer’s favorite stones.

The healing energy in the elements of these earrings is:

Amethyst:    A “Stone of Change, Protection and Enlightenment”.   It enhances spiritual awareness, meditation, visualization, serenity and composure.  Amethyst attracts good luck and love, calms and transforms.   It shifts energies to the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels.

Brass:   Brass is made of copper and zinc. Zinc is said to be good for the enhancement of overall life-forces as well as building confidence, strength, and courage. It provides for the synthesis of personal power, physical energy, and creativity. Copper is known as “The Healing Metal”.

Gold: (Plate)  brings vitality and solar energies into the body.  It encourages optimism, courage, determination and an overall sense of well-being.  It dispels fear and negative emotions.

Out of stock