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jade necklace

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    An eye-catching creation with an adjustable chain so that it can be worn high of low.  This beautiful combination of white jade and agate offers subtle variation in the white which in turn provides interest and depth to the design.

    The healing properties in the elements in this set are:
    Agates:     All foster love, create an appreciation of nature; soothes emotions.

    White Agate:     Relieves stress, gives protection, and increases courage.         

    Jade:     Is connected with love and virtue and is called the “fidelity stone” – it balances energies between self/partner and opposing energies in both the internal and external domain of one’s reality.  It promotes peace and harmony, and soothes energy.  Jade assists in finding wisdom for problem solving.

    Gold: (Filled/Plate)     Brings vitality and solar energies into the body.  It encourages optimism, courage, determination and an overall sense of well-being.  It dispels fear and negative emotions.

    (“The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons)

Showing the single result