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Stretch Bracelets

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    A most unique combination of Quartzite, Bone, and a Coconut bead result in this for unusual eye-catching bracelet.

    The healing energy in the semi-precious stones in this bracelet is:

    Quartzite:  Stabilizes positive change and helps prevent one from slipping back into the old state.  It focuses on the area of your life that is experiencing the most change, activity, and growth.


    A lovely bracelet of crystal and Jasper which can be worn both day or night for all occasions.

    The healing property in the elements of this bracelet is:
    Crystals:  Attracts positive energies.
    Jasper: Known as the “Supreme Nurturer”, Jasper reminds us why we are here – to assist others and bring joy and light into the world.  Helps to balance and unite the energy of the physical with the spiritual toward the
    attainment of goals. Also known as the “Stone of harmony”.

  • Cloisonne, Agate, Pearl, Shell and Crystal Bracelet

    Be uplifted by the gorgeous color combination of this delightful creation. The pendant is cloisonne with a floral design, which is off-set with blue old crazy-lace agate, dark red fresh
    water pearls and light green river shell. It also has periwinkle round faceted crystal beads interspersed.

    The traditional meaning of the stones in this piece of jewelry:

    Cloisonne: (Pronounced cloy-zon-ay, French for ”partition”) is an ancient metalwork technique that makes use of small, precious metal filaments and colorful glass enamels to create brilliant artwork. The metal wires are bent into shapes to create small cells, (partitions) of designs.

    Old Crazy Lace Agate: Enables one to laugh and to see the “games” of the world.

    Pearls:The “Stone of health”. It brings inner peace and represents innocence and purity while it enhances endurance and emotional stability. Pearls are said to benefit the lungs.

    Shell: Seashells have the natural ability to disperse negative energy. Shell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability. It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making.

    Crystals: Attract positive energies.

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    This is a very special bracelet of midnight blue faceted agate with a silver center bead. Beautiful!

    The healing properties in the elements of this bracelet are:
    Agates: All foster love, create an appreciation of nature; soothes emotions.
    Silver:  Excellent for mental, emotional and physical
    releasing/cleansing.  Silver works on the mind/emotions to see the overview. It offers emotional balance and patience .


    A beautiful, elegant creation of fresh water pearls and crystal spacers. Any woman would be proud to own this classic set and would wear it with dignity and pride.

    The healing energy in the elements of this set is:
    Pearl: (Fresh Water)    This is the “Stone of Health” – it brings inner peace.  It represents innocence and purity, and it enhances endurance and emotional stability.  It is said to benefit the lungs.

    Crystals:    Attracts positive energies, relieves and releases stress. Crystals are said to improve your health and rejuvenate your body by stimulating the energy flow through your meridians.  They ground you and connect you to Mother Earth, as well stimulating healing, personal growth and spiritual development.

    Silver: (Sterling/Plate)    Is excellent for mental, emotional and physical releasing/cleansing.  It works on the mind and emotions to see the overview of situations. It helps with emotional balance and patience.  Like the moon’s energy, it has a gentle, cool, smoothing effect, thus reducing stress.
    (“The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons)


    The focal bead in this unusual bracelet is a shell with an inner shell – it is so special and looks like a turtle with its head tucked in.  This green shaded shell is off-set by lovely white jade beads.

    The healing energy in the elements of this creation is:

    Shell: Seashells have the natural ability to disperse negative energy.  Shell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making.

    Jade:  Is connected with love and virtue and is called the “fidelity stone” – it balances energies between self/partner and opposing energies in both the internal and external domain of one’s reality.  It promotes peace and harmony, and soothes energy.  Jade assists in finding wisdom for problem solving.

Showing all 6 results